Book sterilization cabinet

Book sterilization cabinet

【Product profile】

The self-service book sterilizer is specially designed for the health of readers. It can kill bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds by ultraviolet rays. Clean the books inside and outside, let the readers read at ease, and also give the library staff a healthier working environment.


  • (1)The user operates the book sterilization operation by himself.

  • (2)UV sterilization technology and natural aromatics were used to enhance the sterilization effect.

  • (3)The single equipment must have two independent sterilization silos, which can be used by two readers at the same time. Three books can be placed in the upper sterilization bin (hanging type) and two books can be placed in the lower sterilization bin (vertical type).

  • (4)The function of turning pages one by one in cyclone mode provides the sterilization effect of book cover and inner pages.

  • (5)Using electrostatic membrane filter, it can collect fine dust, bacteria, virus and allergic elements in the environment.

  • (6)It is necessary to provide high-efficiency dust collection filter to intercept micro molecules and not derive harmful substances such as ozone or carbon dioxide.

  • (7)With UV resistant material perspective window, readers can watch the progress of sterilization at any time.

  • (8)Sterilization will not leave scratches or any damage on the cover or inside of the book.

  • (9)The sterilization time can be set freely from 10 seconds to 120 seconds.

  • (10)The remaining time during sterilization indicates the sterilization progress.

  • (11)For internal consumables, the number and time of use of the equipment can be displayed.

  • (12)With power indicator light, indicating the normal operation of the sterilizer.

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